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June, 2014 Newsletter

He Will Never Fade

 As the harsh, bitter winter finally faded away and with the blooming of spring flowers, there was a Heavenly reminder of a Promise that no matter how harsh the winter or how threatening the storms of spring, there is a Rose that will never fade away.

Never was this promise more evident as we felt an abundance of Heavenly rain that quenched the thirsty and watered the empty soul for 33 souls were saved from the fires of Hell and many Christians were strengthened and encouraged to continue fighting the good fight of faith during our spring meetings.

I am ever more convinced as the days unfold that time on this earth is drawing to an end. I am holding on to the promise that soon the eastern sky will part and I shall behold His power and splendor. Until that day – Hold to the Promise – to the Rose that will never fade.

Humbly “Living the Gift”,

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